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It takes a third person, sometimes a complete stranger, to give a fresh perspective to life, things, ideas, to complete the incomplete", :x, Please share me your stories|--Quotes Today:-Whatever happened, it happened for good. Whatever is happening, is happening for good. Whatever that will happen, it will be for good. What have you lost for which you cry? What did you bring with you, which you have lost? What did you produce, which has destroyed? You did not bring anything when you were born. Whatever you have, you have received from Him. Whatever you will give, you will give to Him. You came empty handed and you will go the same way. Whatever is yours today was somebody else’s yesterday and will be somebody else’s tomorrow. Change is the law of the universe.--|

ॐ Nothing Special but Something Special

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someone was trying best to achieve perfection
guess who? 
Not me ! But....I..
seriously..No problem ..

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ॐ Conflicts

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Today I realized how lonely I am. Few year back things were happening so fast for me. It felt like all 10 Years experience has been showered in 10 month. It helped to make my choice. Yes choice, they r very important, as they decide your life. Sometime it’s very tough to make your choices. The most obvious choices, which probably are the correct choices, turn out to be the wrong one, sometime the wrong choices you made, out of all odd turn out to be the correct one.

Life is Funny Events". Fun always start when human can’t do certain things they need to do .Life consist of many such incidence, it’s like instance of events, yes, I would love to title it as "IOE:- Instance of Events". Many such small IOE’s including few big IOE. As long as someone is capable of doing certain thing, then either the incident will go silently unnoticed, or they will be heard everywhere.
For instance one girl, after she finishes her graduation, fail to qualify the campus interview, will act as if the companies was not good enough for her, somehow you will find her saying “oh yea, I went for the interview, but they had immediate joining and I need to go home”, so I quitted, you know, and they also was asking me to work on Saturday and Sunday, so I quitted.
For instance one boy failed to pass certain subject in exam, will act as if the fault was of the question paper, most of the time you will find him saying “Oh man, damn tough subject, even the question paper was also strange, or the best response, Hell man I wrote, but this bloody university, ahhm, I don’t know how they check the paper.”.:))
For another instance you will find people advising you on certain subject who himself/herself don’t have hands on experience on the subject, to make the instance more funny you yourself don’t know whether to take the advice or not.:-/

Everyone is born creative in this world, but here we make sure to crush those qualities in order to keep the person low, so that he or she can easily be controlled by our wish, well shall I say societies wish or whatever.

Real fun begins when people start living someone else’s life. You know what I mean, when especially people start copying the film-stars and rock-stars.

“Ghajini”:- Suddenly all the hairs started vanishing.
“Dabbang”:- Amazing effect, moustaches are back.
“Dev D”:- Vodka everywhere, great boon to alcohol and drug market.
“Inception”:- People are seen less in work more in dreams.

Anyway I don’t understand one thing, if I have to cut my hair why do I need to wait for the release of the movie Ghajini??? If I have to grow moustache why do I need to wait for the movie Dabbang?? If I want to trip on ACID why do I need wait for DEV-D .Well may be for once I am wrong, no guys wait for DEV-D, especially in this case.>:)

Education, yes it’s very much important, but one should know what education one should pursue for. We do have pressure to finish of out matriculation then finish of our +2 and then study hard for entrance to get admission in well known college then finish the graduation.(:|

Mom and DAD, fine, it’s done, now what’s next? Go for Job or for Master degree?

Now Indian education system has become outdated and needs to be changed. Education today should encompass knowledge and skills. It should help individuals to understand and use their ability to the maximum.
Marks and grades have created undue pressure that is leading many to face depression or commit suicide. Moreover whatever is learnt is hardly useful in future endeavors unless it is a professional course.
Parents on the other hand should avoid pressurizing their children for better marks or grades. They should be more observant about their wards' abilities, likes and dislikes. Just be their friend and guide. Provide them with information that will help in deciding the best course for future education.

Hunting for Job is not easy, it’s pretty tough; all the brothers and sisters out there who are suffering from this experience will know the pain very well. So higher education is important, but now how do u grade which one is higher? ME, MCA kind of education or specialization (CISCO, Microsoft or Mainframes) kind of education,

Complicated...Isn’t it? Choice is yours. You have to decide.

Conflicts in mind will always be there as long as mind is alive, but to make decision is the toughest part as we don’t know whether the decision is correct or wrong. We can never figure out the result looking forward into future, but when you have travelled the path, when you look backward you can see the clear picture.

BEAUTY , now that’s something can’t be changed, the way we are born is god gifted and we should respect each of us for the way they are, but beauty of inner mind and heart is something in our hand. People are not beautiful if they are beautiful from outside, the real beauty lies inside. We all should seek the real beauty inside.

LOVE, You all might be familiar with this word. So I will not discuss about what love is all about, our film industry is expert in this area. What I want to reflect here is what love is not about. When you love someone you stay with that person for ever unless deaths do them apart.
It’s not cool for the Guys who keep on changing girl friends and girls, who keep on changing boyfriends, because it’s tougher in life to be together in one loving relation rather than frequent breakup.
Also people it’s not cool who think twice before falling in love,
Specially girls who think the whole life including marriage, family problem and everything before getting into a loving relationship, and guys it’s also not cool who does not think at all the factors before getting into relationship.
Still if you fall in love it’s not cool unless you fight hard till the end to make the relationship last despite of all external problems.:x

BREAKUP, why this is needed if u r in love? If you truly love someone then it is not needed. Cause in the world you can always figure out alternative to stay together if only you love the person.

Conflicts in mind will always trouble you.

Say you work in place B and the girl you love study in Place B. Now both of you wants to be in one place together, as long as things are running smooth its fine, say suddenly company need to downsize and they asked you to move to place C or quit the job which is far away from place B, the person you love start crying and tell you she will die if u leave her here alone, now on the other hand if you lose your job surely you will lose her since anyway her parents are not going to give her to you if u don’t have a job  So what you do? What you decide? You move out to Place c or you take the risk of staying in place B and lose the job when you know market is downsizing and no other external job might be available???

How u decide is very important, it differ from different to different people, but then how u decides what to do?
When your brain and everything are saying:”you should do this way” but then your heart is saying “you should do the other way”.
This is one of the biggest conflict, whom to listen, brain or heart? Certainly for us listening to brain is more intelligent then listening to heart, isn’t it? But it’s only intelligent, which always not the best. Listening to heart is surely the foolish way, but it’s not always the worst.>:D<

Life teaches you what the schools and colleges fails to teach you. Most importantly if you are not hungry to learn you will fail to learn in college also.

I always felt in heart it’s more worth to learn from life then from colleges.
Have you felt the same?

Don’t get carried away, it's foolish idea, but then again the conflicts remain, whom you will listen?