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It takes a third person, sometimes a complete stranger, to give a fresh perspective to life, things, ideas, to complete the incomplete", :x, Please share me your stories|--Quotes Today:-Whatever happened, it happened for good. Whatever is happening, is happening for good. Whatever that will happen, it will be for good. What have you lost for which you cry? What did you bring with you, which you have lost? What did you produce, which has destroyed? You did not bring anything when you were born. Whatever you have, you have received from Him. Whatever you will give, you will give to Him. You came empty handed and you will go the same way. Whatever is yours today was somebody else’s yesterday and will be somebody else’s tomorrow. Change is the law of the universe.--|

ॐ One small step on ORKUT, one giant LEAP for MANKIND

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This evening I decided to check back my Orkut account, I came across this new application on Orkut named here u can listen to your choice of music and add it to your profile and also can dedicate songs to your friend. You can search by multiple criteria, by author, by name of the song or by can also add them to your playlist...This one is real innovation..they also had button "COME TO MY TOWN" .check in the below picture, you can see that option,  in the right middle of the picture. Using this you can actually request the singers or the band to come to your town for a concert.

MY Selection:- 
Kishore kumar(Born-4 August 1929, Death:- 13 October 1987), an Indian film playback singer and actor.
I have chosen my option, :-?..Lets see how they gonna deal with this...

ॐ Who are we? Who is my MOM and DAD?

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Scientists have created the world's first synthetic life form in a landmark experiment that paves the way for designer organisms that are built rather than evolved.
The controversial feat, which has occupied 20 scientists for more than 10 years at an estimated cost of $40m, was described by one researcher as "a defining moment in biology".
Craig Venter, the pioneering US geneticist behind the experiment, said the achievement heralds the dawn of a new era in which new life is made to benefit humanity, starting with bacteria that churn out biofuels, soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and even manufacture vaccines.
However critics, including some religious groups, condemned the work, with one organisation warning that artificial organisms could escape into the wild and cause environmental havoc or be turned into biological weapons. Others said Venter was playing God.
The new organism is based on an existing bacterium that causes mastitis in goats, but at its core is an entirely synthetic genome that was constructed from chemicals in the laboratory.
The single-celled organism has four "watermarks" written into its DNA to identify it as synthetic and help trace its descendants back to their creator, should they go astray.
"We were ecstatic when the cells booted up with all the watermarks in place," Dr Venter told the Guardian. "It's a living species now, part of our planet's inventory of life."
Dr Venter's team developed a new code based on the four letters of the genetic code, G, T, C and A, that allowed them to draw on the whole alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks to write the watermarks. Anyone who cracks the code is invited to email an address written into the DNA.
The research is reported online today in the journal Science.
"This is an important step both scientifically and philosophically," Dr Venter told the journal. "It has certainly changed my views of definitions of life and how life works."
The team now plans to use the synthetic organism to work out the minimum number of genes needed for life to exist. From this, new microorganisms could be made by bolting on additional genes to produce useful chemicals, break down pollutants, or produce proteins for use in vaccines.
Julian Savulescu, professor of practical ethics at Oxford University, said: "Venter is creaking open the most profound door in humanity's history, potentially peeking into its destiny. He is not merely copying life artificially ... or modifying it radically by genetic engineering. He is going towards the role of a god: creating artificial life that could never have existed naturally."
This is "a defining moment in the history of biology and biotechnology",Mark Bedau, a philosopher at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, told Science.
Dr Venter became a controversial figure in the 1990s when he pitted his former company, Celera Genomics, against the publicly funded effort to sequence the human genome, the Human Genome Project. Venter had already applied for patents on more than 300 genes, raising concerns that the company might claim intellectual rights to the building blocks of life.


ॐ I wanna be young the rest of my life

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Amrit is repeatedly referred to as the drink of the gods in Hindu mythology, which grants them immortality.
Hell Yea Scientist now claiming they found the genes that cause ageing, so they might be able to develop a drug that will give human Long life...over 100 years...After my last post about the ॐ Frozen in TIME- Brooke Greenberg   it seems it might be quite possible, but Immortality or not is something quite difficult to answer...we might be able to reduce the ageing process , but if we do so we also will in turn reduce our growth and development, which means its still coming for a cost. Now who knows what would be the side effect of that drugs.. At least for sure "Ageing" which was considered once as a natural process is now being considered as Disease which humans are fighting now...Lets hope we will get the drugs without churning the SEA.
I wanna be young the rest of my life

never say no - try anything twice

til the angels come and ask me to fly

I'm gonna be 18 til I die - 18 til I die



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One of my reader commented that Its difficult to comment in your blog..when I checked myself it was easy actually.....All you need to click the comment word and then write your comment and then specify your login ID, ..then enter the CAPTCHA..and HIT post..thats it....I did restricted Anonymous Posting for some reason..but it feels like really commenting in my blog was difficult, it should be made how much simple it can be...i have no my undecided soul decided to take feedback from few more readers....thankfully they said its not difficult but yea, "your blog is different from other Blog..."hence people will alway be little uneasy in something different...whenever theres change people tend to hold back and stay inside the box rather then exploring the world outside and accepting the don't worry ...go ahead with your blog in your way........#:-S I give no flying rats ASS fellas..Blogging aint my profession.......

:DAnyway Feedback and suggestion are alway welcome., I want more like this, if possible please provide the solution also along with the problem...but I would be more thankfull if reader will take more interest to explore my BLOGS...Each word might be a link to a new different world...>:D<

ॐConfidence& Dedication

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This incident i read today, its about Master Blaster Sachin tendulkar and australian bowler Brad Hogg. During 
India vs Australia [2004] match 
Brad Hogg took Sachin's wicket. 
At the end of the match Hogg gave that 
Ball to Sachin for his autograph.
Sachin put his sign with one beautiful sentence,


Till today Hogg could not take his wicket for the second time.
After this incident Brad Hogg and Sachin Tendulkar came face to face 21 times...but he could never get the Master Blaster out ...humm lets keep the finger cross as the GAME is not over yet.....These kindaa mails keep on floating around us daily, but later we forget them. The same person who is forwarding this story with great passion will act differently other day if Sachin fail to score in next match. I wonder what these same people will say in future if Brad succeed to take Sachins wicket for one time , you know few people will never change....but anyway ...still ...
Sachin you are the best.....

ॐ Frozen in TIME- Brooke Greenberg

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17 year OLD, 16lb in weight and just 30in tall, Brooke Greenberg is still the size of a one-year-old. According to a preliminary study of her DNA, her failure to grow could be linked to defects in the genes that make the rest of humanity grow old.If confirmed, the research could give scientists a fresh understanding of ageing and even suggest new therapies for diseases linked to old age,Scientist think that she has a mutation in the genes that control her ageing and development so that she appears to have been frozen in time.

ॐ suMMer TREnD - MAY

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Thanks to My MOTOROKR E6 and To our Mother EARTH
(No Criticism Allowed, and also i am not a photographer)[-X


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Here is a real Businessman, he should have been in business or may be in politics then in terrorist, not to mention we do drain lot of talent like him.  You must be wondering why I am in favor of him, why not, he has been an excellent resource for so called proven "PAKISTAN". He not only killed few hundred people in INDIA he also forced INDIAN govt to spend 35 crore after his arrest.
we INDIAN spend 35,00,00,000 rupees for a job where the job can be done for 350 rupees. I think he has been the costliest prisoner ever for whom INDIA spent 35,00,00,000 rupees just to convict him.  Probably this are the amount paid by INDIAN citizen as TAX, because I am sure PAKISTAN have not paid the amount to INDIA for KASAB's fair trial. 

I wonder how would you have utilized 35,00,00,000 rupees if given to you.
How the poor farmers & villagers would have utilized a fraction of the amount if given to them.

ॐ Great Flood-History repeat itself

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The story how he got warned of the gods' plan to destroy all life through a great flood and got instructed to build a vessel in which he could save his family, his friends, and his wealth and cattle. The how he made sacrifice to get immortal life and left behind to repopulate the earth. Most surprising about it is that the same story has been mentioned in almost all the religion and culture.

1 Ancient Near East
  1.1 Sumerian
  1.2 Babylonian (Epic of Gilgamesh)
  1.3 Jewish
  1.4 Islamic
2 Asia-Pacific
 2.1 China
 2.2 Lao (Indochina)
 2.3 India
 2.4 Andaman Islands
 2.5 Indonesia
 2.6 Australia
 2.7 New Zealand
 2.8 Malaysia
3 Europe
  3.1 Greek
     3.1.1 Ogyges
     3.1.2 Deucalion
     3.1.3 Dardanus
     3.1.4 From The Theogony of Apollodorus
  3.2 Germanic
  3.3 Irish
  3.4 Finnish
1.4 North America
  4.1 Menominee
  4.2 Mi'kmaq
  4.3 Caddo
  4.4 Hopi
1.5 Mesoamerica
1.6 South America
  6.1 Inca
  6.2 Mapuche
7 Polynesian
can it really be a myth or some prehistoric event. I came across this topic when i saw the news on yahoo regarding rediscovery of NOA'S ark, the ship which was built during the flood in jewish version of the myth. same way the same story has been mentioned in hindu, Muslim and many other religions with change in the name of the character's....but the the tale remain the same. 

we all are aware about the current Global warming situation that we are facing and the the way human started living there life's , all the detail trace exactly back to that story. still time left for human to get there brain NUTS tighten.But i see very slow progress.....
Now this is getting me worried, as we all know  "HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF" 

ॐ Obey The rules I say--Mind IT

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    Driving without a Valid License
    Rs. 500/- and /or imprisonment ( 3 months)
    3 r/w 181 MVA
    Allowing vehicle to be driven by a person who does not possess a Valid License.
    Rs. 1000/- and/or imprisonment ( 3 months)
    5 r/w 180 MVA
    Not carrying documents as required.
    Rs. 100/-
    130(3) r/w 177 MVA
    Driving without Valid Insurance.
    Rs. 1000/- and/or imprisonment ( 3 months)
    130 r/w 177 MVA
    Driving without Valid Permit.
    Rs. 5000/- ( not less than Rs. 2000/-)
    130 r/w 177 MVA
    Driving without Valid Fitness.
    Rs. 5000/- ( not less than Rs. 2000/-)
    130 r/w 177 MVA
    Vehicle without R.C.Rs 2000/-39 r/w192 MVA
    2.1.1Driving by Minor .Rs. 500/-4 r/w 181 MVA
    2.1.2Allowing Unauthorized person to drive .Rs. 1000/-5 r/w 180 MVA
    2.1.3Driving without Helmet.Rs. 100/-129 r/w177 MVA
    2.1.4Seat Belts not fastened.Rs. 100/-138(3) CMVR
    177 MVA
    2.1.5Rough/Rash/Negligent Driving .Rs. 1000/-184 MVA
    2.1.6Dangerous or hasty Driving.Rs.1000/-
    and/or imprisonment
    ( 6 months)
    112-183 MVA
    2.1.7Not Driving in Proper Lane.Court Challan66 r/w 192 MVA
    2.1.8Driving in the center and not to left side.Rs.100/-2 RRR r/w 177 MVA
    2.1.9Driving against One Way.Rs.100/-17 (i) RRR 177 MVA
    Reversing without due care and attention.
    Rs. 100/-MMVR 233
    177 MVA
    2.1.11Taking “U” turn during outlawed hours.Rs.100/-12 RRR
    177 MVA
    2.1.12Failing to take precaution while taking a “Turn”.Rs.100/-3 RRR
    177 MVA
    2.1.13Failing to decelerate at intersection.Rs.100/-8 RRR
    177 MVA
    2.1.14Failing to carry on left of traffic island.Rs.100/-2 RRR
    177 MVA
    2.1.15Carrying persons on Footboard.Rs.100/-123-177 MVA
    2.1.16Carrying persons causing hindrance to the driver.Rs.100/-125-177 MVA
    2.1.17Trippling.Rs. 100/-128/177 MVA
    2.1.18Driving on Footpath.Rs.100/-RRR 177 MVA
    2.1.19Stopping at pedestrian crossing or crossing a Stop Line.Rs.100/-RRR 177 MVA
    Road Marking Related Offences
    2.2.1Violation of Yellow Line.Rs. 100/-
    119/177 MVA
    Violation of Stop Line.
    Rs. 100/-
    113(1)/177 DMVR
    Violation of Mandatory Signs .
    Rs. 100/-
    119/177 MVA
    Number Plate Related Offences
    2.3.1Use of Offensive Number Plate for vehicle used in driving.Rs.100/-CMVR 105 (2) (ii)
    177 MVA
    2.3.2Displaying 'Applied For'.Rs. 4500/-39/192 MVA
    Vehicle Light Related Offences
    2.4.1Improper use of headlights/tail light for vehicle used in driving.Rs.100/-CMVR 105 (2) (ii)
    177 MVA
    2.4.2Using High Beam where not required.Rs. 100/-112(G) A DMVR
    177 MVA
    Horn Related Offences
    2.5.1Driving without Horn.Rs. 100/-119(1)/177 CMVR
    2.5.2Improper horn usage while driving.Rs.100/-CMVR 105 (2) (ii)
    177 MVA
    Traffic Police Related Offences
    2.6.1Disobeying Traffic Police Officer in uniform.Rs. 100/-119 MVA
    22(a) RRR
    177 MVA
    2.6.2Driving against Police Signal.Rs. 100/-119 r/w 177 MVA
    2.6.3Disobeying manual Traffic Signal.Rs. 100/-239 MMVR
    22(a) RRR
    177 MVA
    Traffic Signal Related Offences
    2.7.1Disobeying Traffic signal / Sign Board.Rs. 100/-22(b) RRR
    239 MMVR
    177 MVA
    2.7.2Failing to give Signal.Rs. 100/-121 RRR
    177 MVA
    2.7.3Jumping Signal.Rs.100/-119/177 MVA
    Speed and Overtake Related Offences
    2.8.1Exceeding the prescribed Speed Limits.Up to Rs.1000/-112-183 MVA
    2.8.2Abetment for Over Speeding .Rs.300/-112/183(2) MVA
    2.8.3Overtaking perilously.Rs.100/-6 (a) RRR r/w 177 MVA
    2.8.4Failing to confer way to sanction Overtaking.Rs.100/-7 RRR
    177 MVA
    2.8.5Overtaking from Wrong Side .Rs. 100/-RRR 6/1/177 MVA
    Other Offences
    2.9.1Disobeying Lawful Directions.Rs. 500/-132/179 MVA
    2.9.2Driving under influence of Alcohol / Drugs.Rs.2000/-
    and/or imprisonment
    ( 6 months)
    185 MVA
    2.9.3Using Mobile Phone while Driving.Up to 1000/-184 MVA
    2.9.4Leaving vehicle in unoccupied engine.Rs.100/-126-177 MVA
    2.9.5Leaving vehicle in unsafe position.Rs.100/-122 177 MVA
    2.9.6In case of a minor Accident.Rs. 1000/-184 MVA
    2.9.7Playing music while Driving.Rs. 100/-102/177 MVA
    2.9.8Driving without Silencer.Rs. 100/-120/190(2)/177CMVR
    2.9.9Driving when mentally or physically unfit.Court Challan186 MVA
    3.1Two Wheeler.Rs.100/-
    RRR 177 MVA
    Car , Jeep, Taxi, Auto Rickshaw.
    RRR 177 MVA
    3.3Truck, Tanker, Trailor.Rs.600/-
    RRR 177 MVA
    4.1Smoking in Public Transport.Rs. 100/-
    86(1)(5)/177 DMVR
    4.2Pollution Not Under Control.Rs. 100/-
    99(1)(a)/177 DMVR
    4.3Fixing multi-toned/shrill horn.Rs.500/-
    119 CMVR
    190(2) MVA
    4.4Blowing Pressure Horn.Rs. 100/-
    96(1)/177 DMVR
    4.5Silencer/muffler making noise.Rs.500/-
    CMVR 120
    190(2) MVA
    4.6Smoky Exhaust.Rs.500/-
    115 CMVR
    190(2) MVA
    4.7Using horn in Silence Zone.Rs.100/-
    21(ii) RRR
    177 MVA
    5.1Using Vehicle in Unsafe Conditions.Court Challan
    192 MVA
    5.2When motor vehicle is out of state for more than 12 months.Rs.100/-
    47-177 MVA
    5.3Particulars to be printed on transport vehicles.Rs.100/-
    84(G)-177 MVA
    5.4Without WiperRs.100/-
    CMVR 101
    5,12 177 MVA
    5.4Without Side Mirror.Rs.100/-
    5, 7/177 MVA
    5.5Defective tyres.Rs.100/-
    CMVR 94
    5.6No indication board on left hand drive vehicle.Rs.100/-
    120, 177 MVA
    5.7Sale of motor vehicle/alteration of motor vehicle in contravention of Act.Rs.300/-
    52/191 MVA, 32/192.66/192 MV Act
    5.8Vehicles fitted with dark glasses/sun films.Rs.100/-
    100 CMVR
    177 MVA
    5.9Driving without proper number plate/ illuminating rear number plate.Rs.100/-
    236 MMVR
    177 MVA
    5.10Failing to display public carrier board.Rs.100/-
    116 MMVR
    177 MVA
    5.11Using private vehicle for commercial purposes.Rs. 5000/-
    ( not less than Rs. 2000/-)
    5.12Any sort of misconduct with passengers, not wearing uniform/not displaying badge.Rs.100/-MMVR 21(18)
    177 MVA
    5.13Overloading a goods vehicle.Rs. 2000/-plus Rs. 1000/- for every additional ton.MMVR 93(u)(i)
    177 MVA
    5.14Carrying goods in a dangerous or hazardous manner.Imprisonment and/or fine of Rs. 3000/-29 RRR
    177 MVA
    5.15Infringement of permit conditions.Imprisonment and/or fine of Rs. 5000/-( not less than Rs. 2000/-)
    5.16Use of Colored light on VehicleRs. 100/-97(2)/177 DMVR
    6.1Plying in 'NO ENTRY' TimeUpto 2000/-
    115/194 MVA
    6.Violation of Time TableCourt Challan
    11/177, 2/177, 66/192 MVA
    6.2High and Long / Load in VehiclesRs. 100/-
    29 RRR/177 MVA
    6.3Carrying animals in goods vehicles in contravention of rules.Rs.100/-
    MMVR 83
    177 MVA
    6.4Carrying persons dangerously or carrying persons in goods vehicles.Rs.100/-
    MMVR 108
    177 MVA
    6.5Goods in Passenger Vehicles
    6.6Dangerous projection of goods.Rs.100/-
    229 MMVR
    29 RRR
    177 MVA
    6.7Carrying goods unsecured.Rs.100/-
    MMVR 202
    177 MVA
    6.Carrying goods more than 11 feet high.Rs.100/-
    MMVR 93(u) (i)
    177 MVA
    6.Limit Of weight and limitation on Use.Court Challan
    113/194(1) MVA
    6.Driver refuses to weigh vehicle.Court Challan
    114/194(2) MVA
    6.9Load on Tail Board.Rs.100/-
    MMVR 202
    177 MVA
    6.10Misbehavior by Taxi/TSR Driver.Rs. 100/-11(3)/177 DMVR
    6.11Over Charging by Taxi/TSR Driver.Rs. 100/-11(8)/177 DMVR
    6.12Charging without Meter.Rs. 100/-11(8)/177 DMVR
    6.13Refusal by Taxi/TSR Driver.Rs. 100/-11(9)/177 DMVR
    6.14Driver without Uniform.Rs. 100/-7/177 DMVR
    6.14Driver without Badge.Rs. 100/-22(1)/177 DMVR
    6.15Conductor without Uniform.Rs. 100/-23(1)/177 DMVR
    6.16Conductor without Badge.Rs. 100/-22(1)/177 DMVR
    6.17Stopping without Bus stopCourt Challan66/192 MVA
    6.18Power to detain Vehicle used in contravention of section 3.4,39 or 66(1) MV Act.Court Challan207(1) MVA
    7.1Parking in the direction of flow of traffic.Rs.100/-
    22(a) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.2Parking away from footpath towards road.Rs.100/-
    15(2) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.3Parking against flow of traffic.Rs.100/-
    15(2) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.4Parking causing Obstruction.Rs. 100/-
    15(2) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.5Parking on a Taxi Stand.Rs. 100/-
    15(2) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.6Parking in not any prescribed manner.Rs. 100/-
    15(1) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.7Parking at any Corner.Rs. 100/-
    15(i) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.8Parking within 15 meters on either side of Bus Stop.Rs. 100/-
    15(2) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.9Parking on Bridge.Rs. 100/-
    15(2) (i) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.10Parking at Traffic Island.Rs. 100/-
    15(i) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.11Parking in “No” Parking Area.Rs. 100/-
    15(2) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.12Parked on Pedestrian Crossing.Rs. 100/-
    15(2)(iii) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.13Parking on Footpath.Rs. 100/-
    15(2)(ii) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.14Parking in front of a gate.Rs. 100/-
    15(2)(viii) RRR
    177 MVA
    7.15Parking causing obstruction.Rs. 100/-
    15(1) RRR
    177 MVA
    RRR: Rules of Road Regulations 1989 MVA: Motor Vehicles Act 1988 MMVR: Maharasthra Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 CMVR: Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 It Seems the COP is Without HELMET, Not sure if any special exemption is provided