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It takes a third person, sometimes a complete stranger, to give a fresh perspective to life, things, ideas, to complete the incomplete", :x, Please share me your stories|--Quotes Today:-Whatever happened, it happened for good. Whatever is happening, is happening for good. Whatever that will happen, it will be for good. What have you lost for which you cry? What did you bring with you, which you have lost? What did you produce, which has destroyed? You did not bring anything when you were born. Whatever you have, you have received from Him. Whatever you will give, you will give to Him. You came empty handed and you will go the same way. Whatever is yours today was somebody else’s yesterday and will be somebody else’s tomorrow. Change is the law of the universe.--|

ॐ A 8 year old IT Administrator..MARKO

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Marko is a 9 year old MCSE. Cute isn't she?

Macedonia's Marko Calasan got his first professional credential at age 6, when he passed the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator exam. Now 9, he just went for the follow-on systems engineer certification.

His latest project is trying to devise a way to send high-definition television signals over a comparatively slow network infrastructure. To support his effort, a Macedonian telecommunications company has given him a direct connection to its network backbone.
Marko proudly says that even over a basic DSL connection one can get HDTV without glitches. "The buffering will be very short," he said. Marko hopes to demonstrate the technology at this year's CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany.

I am out of my Words...........Enjoy the pics....Dont enjoy too much...

I guess the above pic is one of the Seminar in Microsoft

poor kid..? Another Childhood spoiled :P

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ॐ If I owe u a dozen chickens,I believe its cheaper to send u eggs instead.

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Manufacturing fake eggs
In China there are fake schools and classes that teach a variety of blatant fraud technology, even eggs can be modulated by chemical materials, but also be able to fry cook, is currently the most popular False course. 

Step 1 modulation of raw materials 
Using 7 kinds of chemical materials, see pic below

Fake egg was made from calcium carbonate, starch, resin, gelatin, alum and other chemical products. 

Step 2 egg production
Raw egg into the mold to 2 / 3 full, put calcium chloride, colouring die, the egg appears on the film been announced. 

The 'yolk' is shaped in the round mould. 'Magic water' containing calcium chloride is used.

By adding a yellow pigment and become raw egg yolk.

Step 3 fake egg shape
In the mold into 1 / 3 raw egg white, like the first package, like dumplings into the egg yolk, egg white into another, into the magic water, a shell eggs will come slowly. Naked egg shape to 1 hour to dry after washing with water, at shells ready.

Step 4 

Sewing lines through the use of eggs, immersed in paraffin wax, calcium carbonate, such as modulation of the eggshell into a solution, repeated several times until the shell a little dry, immersion in cold water pumping line shape, this point, the egg has been put on a false cloak , You're done.

Hard shells are formed by soaking in paraffin wax onto the egg, which are then left to dry.


 Oh yeah The Egg is ready. The artificial egg shell is very fragile and break easily but who cares!!
Look so real
Many small bubbles is formed during frying the egg but not many people can tell the difference.
The egg look exactly the same, and the eggs taste better than real but you are adding to the
statistic of food poisoning person.

Why make fake eggs ?

Because of money

The cost of fake egg is only 
0.55 Yuan/kg, while the true eggs’ market price is 5.6 Yuan/kg.

Cases of problem foods and food poisoning are widely reported in Mainland China over the last few years. In 2001, there were 185 cases of food poisoning, affecting about 15,715 people and causing 146 deaths. The cases doubled in 2002. In 2003, the number of reported cases was ten times more than that in 2001, and the number of people suffered was as high as 29,660, including 262 deaths Now In Sept 2008 Nearly 53,000 Chinese children sick from contaminated milk; 4 have died

ॐ Global WARMING and Vegeterianism

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Just finished reading one of my friends blog and found this interesting topic regarding Global warming , reading thru his blog triggered my own thought process. His blog though speaks about various reason of global warming and recent media activities on giving coverage of the Copenhagen . His post enlightened me about us being vegeterain which can help reducing Global warming, may be well theres enough data collected to prove this point :)

Global warming is certainly a major problem and area of concern right now. But digging deep down to the reason of the this major issue we did came up with area of improvement which might help us in future.

Talking about the issue let me talk about few phenomenon and then i will try my best to connect them.

Solar flares happen when when energy stored in twisted magnetic fields is suddenly released causing an explosion of plasma shot up from the sun's surface. Apparently the energy from these solar flares can be enough to produce 100 billion atomic bombs. But it's nothing to be concerned about because this all happens low down in the sun's corona (outer surface). This burst of electromagnetic radiation produced from these solar flares includes radio waves, x-rays and gamma-rays. Sometimes there will be a CME (see further down for explanation) associated with solar flares. Solar Flares and CME's can happen independently of each other.
Even after we had an unprecedented X-class solar flare at X28, the earth is still here. Most people probably didn't even know it happened!

Earth’s magnetic field does protect us against cosmic rays and solar outbursts, but its polarity is not altered by them. The magnetic field is produced by currents in the Earth’s molten outer core.

And while it is true that the magnetic field reverses polarity every few hundred thousand years. The last reversal occurred about 780,000 years ago.This is phenomenon is known as pole shifting.

In a polar region there is a continual deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed about the pole. The earth's rotation acts on these asymmetrically deposited masses [of ice], and produces centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The constantly increasing centrifugal momentum produced in this way will, when it has reached a certain point, produce a movement of the earth's crust over the rest of the earth's body, and this will displace the polar regions toward the equator."

  ~ Albert Einstein From The Path of the Pole by Charles Hapgood

Now what is this pole shifting? Our Planet earth has geomagnetic poles. Which we know as North pole and South Pole.when the north and south magnetic poles reverse their positions, they do so rather abruptly in what is known as a Magnetic Pole Shift. 

Each planet have there own magnetic field which is known as MAGNETOSPHERE. In each case, the magnetospheres of the planets act as a shield against the effects of the solar wind, but a shield which may not be entirely effective. In the case of the Earth, the geomagnetic pressure very nearly balances the dynamic pressure of the solar wind. This equalized pressure surface layer is termed the “MAGNETOPAUSE” , and acts as a shield for 99% of the solar wind . 
Now this poleshifting has happened before also and we are already due for it again. As the shift approaches, things begin to go out of balance, and the magnetic field begins to fluctuate significantly.

Recently it has been observed that North pole is shifting towards Russia and its shifting pretty fast and the the shifting is accelerating which means change in magnetic field leading us less defensive against the solar wind and it's cruel heat

Increase in temparature globally is not surprising with the fluctuating magnetic field, disrupting the MAGNETOPAUSE of the planet earth. 

Now i wonder if being vegeterian will help us to maintain the “MAGNETOPAUSE” :)

                                                                                                        ...bye..stay tuned.

ॐ Roswell Incident

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In 1947 Cordes was stationed at Roswell (RAAF) as a Radar Operator. It was there that he met he met Rogene, his future wife. Rogene's father's cattle and sheep ranch was adjacent to the Roswell crash site. It is Rogene Cordes with whom this author has had extensive dialogue over several months. It is Rogene Cordes -the General's widow- who felt compelled in the winter of her life to now tell all about what she and her husband knew about the Roswell crash and its history-making implications.Both Rogene and Harry were well aware of the crash of a "flying disk" at the time of its occurence in the summer of 1947. As Roswell residents at the time, they read the papers and they personally knew many of the involved principals. But it was not until the 1980s when the Roswell story was brought back into the public eye that they began to discuss the meaning of the event and the truth of what has crashed there. Rogene recounts that she knew her husband knew much about the incident. She too wanted to know what really had happened. 

Rogene told me that she used every tool she could to get him to talk. This included what she called "beauty" and "pillow talk" to coax him to reveal more about what he knew about the crash. Harry told her that he was not physically at the base the week of the crash and that he was on travel during that time period. She hints that she did not believe that he told her all that he knew. When she pressed him further he told her, "many of the guys there knew what had really happened. But it was a matter of duty to country to never talk." Finally, after repeated attempts, Harry told her, "I was a radar operator at RAAF as you know. The object was flying and it was unidentified. The machine was tracked by White Sands radar and those folks didn't know what the hell was happening." She pressed further. She said, "Just tell me, was it a balloon?" Harry replied, "It was no balloon. Jesse Marcel told the truth. But if I tell you the details you will never view life the same." He beseeched her to ask no more. But she did. Harry blurted out, "Rogene, if I tell you...I will have to kill you." She thought he was joking. But Harry was not laughing.

Much later Rogene much decided to approach her by-then retired husband on the Roswell matter more assumptively. She asked him directly, "Where do they keep the craft honey, at Area 51?" She knew of course that he had worked at the Nevada Test Site for some time. He told her that it was not stored there. "Maybe at one time it was at Wright Patt, in off-limits area."

Still later Rogene brought up the issue with her husband, remembering that he was in the CIA at one time. She asked him, "What did you learn about the crash when you were at the CIA?" The last thing he would utter on the matter to her was, "When I went to work for the CIA one of the first things that I did was to look for the Roswell file. I know it exists, but it was missing. Either that or they were hiding it from me."

Rogene told me that "I know that he wondered his whole life why there was a coverup- why they would not tell the people."

Though Harry Cordes was sparse in details about Roswell, he would tell her more general stories about UFOs that were encountered during his time in service. He told his family (including both of his daughters) that at one time when he was flying at 70,000 feet (the highest anyone has ever flown up to that time) he had personally witnessed what he said, "could only have been an alien craft."

ॐ Designer babies of the future

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In the not too distant future parents will have the chance to customise their unborn baby any way they see fit, everything from immunity to certain diseases to picking the color of their hair will be offered for the ultimate 'designer baby'.

For just an extra few thousand dollars, women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) could one day choose to have a baby boy with perfect vision, an aptitude for sports and a virtual lock on avoiding colon cancer. Fertility clinics in the U.S. currently offer not only to screen for diseases, but also to choose gender. They are not yet offering any further customization, but that could change as genetic mapping gets faster and easier. 

Last year, a California company said it could screen for hair and skin color, but soon retracted the claim amid a firestorm of protest. (Research like this has prompted Pope Benedict to condemn “the obsessive search for the perfect child.”) The best screening test on the market is called preimplantation genetic diagnosis. PGD, developed to prevent births of children with severe disorders, screens 
chromosomes from one or two of an embryo’s cells for abnormalities. Depending on the results, the IVF embryo is either implanted in the mother, donated for research or destroyed. 

Now, researchers at the privately run Genetics & IVF Institute in Virginia have developed a test called karyomapping. The new procedure compares the genetic maps of parents and embryos to detect 15,000 known genetic disorders. It could also be used to choose traits including intelligence or skin color. 

“The future of genetic screening will really depend on what people want,” Elizabeth Ginsburg, the former president of the Society for Assisted Reproductive 
Technology, says. “If that means creating so-called designer babies, we’re going to need a lot more regulation.” 

Three Ways Babies are Born to Specifications

Savior Siblings: Parents with children who suffer from leukemia or anemia and who could benefit from stem cell treatment can order up a sibling with the right genetic material. DNA from an embryo is analyzed to find a human leukocyte antigen gene match between an embryo and the child. Nine months later, when the baby is born, the stem cells are retrieved from umbilical cord blood. Pink or Blue: A 2006 survey conducted by the Genetics and Public Policy Center found almost half of U.S. fertility clinics offered non- disease-related sex selection through PGD embryo screening. A new technique in clinical trials may offer a less expensive method. Originally developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use in cattle, the new method analyzes sperm instead of embryos and uses color and fluorescence to sort male chromosomes from larger female ones. Disease-Free Guarantee: Parents with a family history of diseases such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia and muscular dystrophy have a significant chance of passing the gene mutation that causes the disease on to their children. PGD can screen embryos for those conditions. It can also screen for genes that don’t guarantee illness, but which are associated with higher risks of breast and colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. 


ॐ Obama under pressure to reveal UFO and ET secrets

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Leading UFO truth advocacy group Paradigm Research have announced renewed efforts to push for extraterrestrial disclosure.

Pressure is also being placed on the White House press corps to start asking questions on the subject, for over six months letters and emails from around the world have been sent to the White House Correspondents’ Association to try and encourage reporters to ask questions about extraterrestrial life and the UFO phenomenon.

 Samples of this correspondence can be viewed at:  and 

ॐ Extraterrestial this true?

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An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent. For several months, senior administration officials have been quietly deliberating behind closed doors how much to disclose to the world about extraterrestrial life. Dissatisfaction among powerful institutions such as the U.S. Navy over the decades-long secrecy policy has given a boost to efforts to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology.

The impending disclosure announcement follows upon the secret implementation of a year long openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Over the period February 12-14, 2008, the United Nations held closed doors discussions where approximately 30 nations secretly agreed on a new openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life in 2009. The openness policy was implemented but never publicly announced due to threats against UN diplomats not to disclose details of the secret agreement. h The secret UN agreement was based on two conditions. First, UFOs would continue to appear around the world; and second, the openness policy would not lead to social unrest in liberal democracies. Both conditions have been satisfied making it possible for the next stage to begin – official disclosure of extraterrestrial life.

Obama’s September 24, 2009 chairing of the UN Security Council meeting on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, signaled his emerging leadership role in tackling major global issues such as nuclear weapons. The Nobel Peace Prize was an important step in giving global legitimacy to President Obama in making an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement. Obama is therefore poised to play a prominent role in the increased global governance that will be necessary after an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement. The timing would most likely coincide sometime soon after his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech on December 10, 2009 in Oslo, Norway.

There have been various sources that have revealed deliberations are underway to make an announcement concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life by the end of 2009. These include, Dr Pete Peterson, a whistleblower who has recently emerged revealing high level discussions have taken place concerning announcing the existence of extraterrestrial life. In a Project Camelot interview, Dr Peterson revealed that “Obama is planning to disclose the reality of ET contact by the end of the year; and that most, but not all, of the ET visitors are friendly.”

Another source is David Wilcock, a prominent researcher of emerging scientific paradigms. Wilcock has been told by additional independent sources that extraterrestrial disclosure will take place by the end of 2009. He furthermore claimed in a Coast to Coast AM radio interview that “a 2-hour international TV special has already been booked that will introduce an alien species, similar to humans, to the world.”

In addition, popular NASA and space researcher, Richard Hoagland, has publicly come forward to reveal that the October 9, LCROSS ‘bombing’ mission of the moon, discovered an ancient base at the moon’s South Pole. Reviewing the scientific data achieved by NASA’s LCROSS mission, Hoagland concluded, also on the popular late night Coast to Coast AM radio show, that “LCROSS is part of a carefully constructed campaign to prepare the populace for imminent disclosure. The President of the United States will soon announce that scientists have discovered ruins on the moon, he added. Nobody saw the LCROSS debris plume because the probes struck a building which swallowed the effects of the explosion.”

Finally, two independent and confidential sources have revealed to me that face to face meetings have recently occurred between U.S. military officials with one or more groups of extraterrestrial visitors. This has allegedly led to confidence being built for future cooperation with the extraterrestrials that will be formally announced to the world public either at the end of 2009, or early 2010.

In conclusion, a diverse number of sources and events point to some form of extraterrestrial disclosure being made by the end of 2009, or early 2010. Official disclosure will most likely emerge in either of two scenarios. One is that President Obama will announce the existence of extraterrestrial visitors, and describe one or more of these to the world. This scenario is supported by Peterson, Wilcock, and my own confidential sources. The second scenario is that an announcement will be made concerning the discovery of artificial structures at the moon’s South Pole, as revealed by the LCROSS mission. This scenario is supported by Hoagland.

Which ever of the above scenarios is used for announcing the existence of extraterrestrial life or technology, President Obama will figure prominently. Behind the scenes, powerful institutions are ensuring that nothing derails the planned disclosure announcement. The disclosure will follow upon a year of greater government openness on UFOs in accord with a policy secretly developed at the United Nations. If extraterrestrial disclosure does occur at the end of 2009 or early 2010, President Obama will lead an unprecedented effort to promote global governance through the United Nations. The Obama administration and its supporters are poised to take a bold step forward in helping our planet become an interplanetary culture that openly deals with the challenges posed by extraterrestrial life.

ॐ "Big John doesn't pay!" :)...

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Heres one nice story i liked. Its about a Guy named Big John who doesn't pay. So the story goes like this..
One fine day, a bus driver went to the bus garage, started his bus, and
drove off along the route. No problems for the first few stops, a few
people got on, a few got off, and things went generally well. At the next
stop, however, a big hulk of a guy got on. Six feet eight, built like a
wrestler, arms hanging down to the ground. He glared at the driver and
said, "Big John doesn't pay!" and sat down at the back. The driver was
five feet three, thin, and basically meek... Naturally, he didn't argue with
Big John, but he wasn't happy about it. The next day the same thing
happened -Big John got on again, said "Big John doesn't pay!" and sat
down. And the next day, and the one after that, and so forth. This irritated
the bus driver, who started losing sleep over the way Big John was taking advantage of his
size. Finally he could stand it no longer. He signed up for body building program, karate, judo
and all that good stuff. By the end of the summer, he had become quite strong; So on the next
Monday, when Big John got on the bus and said, "Big John doesn't pay!" the driver stood up,
glared back and screamed, "And why not?" With a surprised look on his face, Big John replied,
"Big John has a Bus pass."

Moral of the story: First be sure is there a problem before working hard to solve one.

ॐ Creative thinking

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The way we think is conditioned by our life experiences. If we've spent our life in a classroom, we tend to think as a student or teacher. If we've spent our work life as an employee, we tend to think as an employee.
Many new entrepreneurs talk-the-talk of the entrepreneur -- but their thinking is still grounded in their life as an employee. This can be deadly to their goals and aspirations.

Most employees don't think about where the money comes from to pay their weekly wages and benefits. Or how the cash must flow to meet next month's payroll. Or what accounts are becoming payable, or when tax deposits, rent, and loan payments are due. Or where the money will come from to allow the company to deliver a large order just received from its largest customer...

It's difficult for an employee to learn to think "outside the box".

"Positively thinking outside the BOX"

How can one person think out of the BOX? This should be done independently but how???

Let say you are asked to cut a cake into 8 slices. what will you do?you will look at the cake in certain angle and then you will take the knife and cut the cake nicely and delicately into nice 8 pieces. Pieces are good, the consumers are happy. Now you are asked to make no more then 3 cuts. Most people will have trouble to coming up how to cut the cake into 8 piece in 3 cut. But to solve this , you have to change the way you look at the cake and how to cut it.

One perfect solution is to cut the cake into 2 equal size and put the other half on top of other, cut it again in half and then stack the other half pieces on top of one another an cut them again. There you go, thats thinking outside the box.

If you are asked to think about 2 days which start with 'T'. What will be your answer? your answer would probably be "Tuesday" and "thursday". but about  "tommorow" and "today" ? well thats out of the BOX right? if you are asked to spot the difference between the word "Multiply", "subtract" "Add" and "decrease" ? mostly the people will right way say that the word "decrease" is the odd one. Why? As all other 3 word is mathematical jargon and the word "decrease" is not a mathmetical jargon. But thats not thinkink out of the box........if you think out of the box the answer would be the word "ADD" since it has only 3 alphabet and others has 6 or more...

you could give lot of right answer but the one that shows more lot of creativity stands out. 

Take thing as they are and turn them inside out, upside down, or simply turn them around and you will be surprised with the result. This was Henry Ford personal experience. His conventional plan was just to " bring people to work" . He tried to change all this into bring "bring work to the people". This plan generated more revenues.

To think outside the box never shy away from the fact that some of your ideas could realy be crazy enough. This gives the thinker more freedom to think outside the box and re-invent things in way they have never been arranged before. Thinking outside the box is usually known as creative thinking seeks to desighn really new and creative arrangement of elements to produce a work of ART. This is dangerous,  but it could be one of your strength in no time. If the HERD is going to right you are going other way.

 Being creative and out of the box is wild sometimes, but could move you through growth and self-development. you will be surprised that how easy and differently it will be for you to try and fix "ISSUES" and solve things away from the tried and true habits.

CREATIVITY has nothing to do with any activity in particular. Anything can be creative -- you bring that quality to the activity. Activity itself is neither creative nor uncreative. You can paint in an uncreative way. You can sing in an uncreative way. You can clean the floor in a creative way. You can cook in a creative way. 

Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach -- how you look at things. 

Not everybody can be a painter -- and there is no need also. If everybody is a painter the world will be very ugly; it will be difficult to live. And not everybody can be a dancer, and there is no need. But everybody can be creative. 
Whatsoever you do, if you do it joyfully, if you do it lovingly, if your act of doing it is not purely economical, then it is creative. If you have something growing out of it within you, if it gives you growth, it is spiritual, it is creative.

So if you are seeking something else in the name of creativity, then drop the idea of being creative. At least consciously, deliberately, do whatsoever you want to do. Never hide behind masks. If you really want to be creative, then there is no question of money, success, prestige, respectability -- then you enjoy your activity; then each act has an intrinsic value. You dance because you like dancing; you dance because you delight in it. If somebody appreciates, good, you feel grateful. If nobody appreciates, it is none of your business to be worried about it. You danced, you enjoyed -- you are already fulfilled.

*Remember that you could be genius in your own way.

ॐ You and I

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From the very beginning there was you and I in everything. Physical reality is made of electromagnetic energy which has poles (north/south), polarity, duality, opposites, male/female, yin/yang.When your soul enters the physical, it divides in half - male and female - above and below - experiencing together simultaneously. Even DNA is also encoded in twin helix.Encoded in every soul's DNA is the need to reunite with that twin aspect, or to seek that energy out through a physical soulmate. The need to reconnect keeps us linked to the other side and a knowing that Oneness awaits. To find our answers we heal ourselves, other by healing others. Reunion comes through balance.

The third dimension is often referred to as 'In The Box'. When your polarities merge, your male and female aspects will move 'Out of the Box' igniting and creating union with your Twin Flame or Twin Aspect. As consciousness moves toward reunion, people miss their twin soul aspect and feel incomplete, often abandoned, lost, and depressed. They cannot find themselves. A piece of themselves is always missing. They search for it in third dimension but never completely find it. If they are lucky, they find someone who comes close to making them feel whole. They want someone to love them, share with them and help them through this journey. While here, you can meet someone who acts as a catalyst, carrying the frequency of your Twin Flame, giving you the feeling of union, while making love.



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Well, i am kinda addicted to browsing, and here i came across this tree of life, Mesopotamian "Tree of Life"

Mesopotamia, which means between the rivers.

In the early 19th century, British, German and French archeologists began to dig out the earthen mounds that are the remains of cities that once flourished thousands of years ago in the Tigris and Euphrates river valleys, a region called Mesopotamia.
The Sumerians developed one of the earliest civilizations on earth (3500-1750 B.C.), but the existence of such a people and civilization was not even suspected until the middle of the 19th century.Its believed in historical Babylonia the gods were in the form of man. Man was created in the image of God because the gods themselves were men. But the conception cannot be traced back further than the age when the Sumerians and Semites came into contact with one another. In pre-Semitic Sumer there are no anthropomorphic gods. We hear, instead, of the zi or 'spirit', a word properly signifying 'life' which manifested itself in the power of motion. All things that moved were possessed of life, and there was accordingly a 'life' or 'spirit' of the water as well as of man or beast

In this picture we can see sumerian gods(Winged Bird-Headed Gods) with water/liquid/blood of life to a bio-genetically engineered hu-man which symbolizes the Creation of Bloodlines, Alchemy.
They created a biogenetic experiment called "HUMAN"

ॐ Dimensional Rift at Montauk Point

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It is rumored that with Phoenix III at Montauk, that government scientists were able to create a time tunnel of sorts and to make sure that the time tunnel worked, drunks and derelicts were collected and thrown into the time tunnel. They made sure the drunks and derelicts were sober for a week, before entering the tunnel, if they were to survive and come back, they were questioned by government officials. The story goes, many didn't make it back and they are still floating in the midst of time. The few that did make it back, their stories were retrieved and later they died by mysterious circumstances.

The government selected drunks and derelicts, because they would not be missed by friends or family members. Below this article you will find my comments on the 2nd Montauk Monster that they found. If for some reason DNA testing of this strange animal is analyzed and it is determined that it comes from an unknown species.

I will also look at the factors of this strange place called Montauk Point. A place where a dimensional rift may have been torn into our own space/time continuum that now allows creatures such as the Montauk Monster to enter our plane of existence. At Fort Hero, there is an abandoned air force base that was decommissioned in 1969. The base at some areas seems operational and finances to keep areas of this base operational come from unknown sources. Montauk Point is a scenic area with a beautiful lighthouse. But this scenic area may be hiding strange secrets that date back to 1943. In 1943 the USS Eldridge was experimented on. The government sought out radar undetectibility, but stumbled onto something else. Legend has it, that the USS Eldridge became invisible and was removed from our space/time continuum. It was also teleported 100 miles away to Norfolk, VA. The sailors on board were released to mental facilities, so any comments they would say to the public, would be perceived as unbelievable.

It was also reported that some of the sailors were infused into the hulk of the ship. You would see a man's torso seemingly glued to the hull of the ship. It was rumored a green mist enveloped the ship and it became invisible to many witnesses. Experiments in time travel and further experiments with the Philadelphia Experiment continued up to 1983, when somehow things went awry and a dimensional rift was torn into the fabric of space / time. It appears now, that we have the art of electro magnetic bottle technology placed into the edge of science accuracy as our own stealth fighters use this technology to be rendered as invisible to radar.

Other experiments were conducted at the Montauk Project, such as mind control. I think it would be essential to experiment with mind control with the subjects that were involved with this mysterious project. It is a necessity that everything is kept hush hush and the only way to do that is through total mind control. When you have a scientist like Nikola Tesla, along with many other scientists involved with experiments that are on the cutting edge of the paranormal, it is demanded by government officials to secure all scientific procedures with a shroud of secrecy. That shroud would enable government officials to control the minds of all involved with the Montauk Project, especially when the project may be dealing with Zero Time. Zero time is working outside of the realm of a three dimensional universe.

unbelievable...very interesting ....ISnt it?