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It takes a third person, sometimes a complete stranger, to give a fresh perspective to life, things, ideas, to complete the incomplete", :x, Please share me your stories|--Quotes Today:-Whatever happened, it happened for good. Whatever is happening, is happening for good. Whatever that will happen, it will be for good. What have you lost for which you cry? What did you bring with you, which you have lost? What did you produce, which has destroyed? You did not bring anything when you were born. Whatever you have, you have received from Him. Whatever you will give, you will give to Him. You came empty handed and you will go the same way. Whatever is yours today was somebody else’s yesterday and will be somebody else’s tomorrow. Change is the law of the universe.--|

ॐ So thIs Is LoVe ?

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8:19 PM , Sunday:-I was returning home from my friends place and was waiting for Auto, suddenly a sound of slapping awaken all my nerves. The Girl slapped her both hand in her head and Shouted in HINDI " Tumhein jo karna hai karo, meri zindegi badbaad mat karo"..which means "you do whatever you want to do, but dont spoil my life".:-SSI was waiting for Auto, I SweaR.. How that can spoil anyones life?
Girl was awsomely beautiful :x,She was in RED which was magnifying her AURA,  when I was looking at her,.. my mind was wondering who the hell on earth would want to spoil life of such a beautiful girl. I was touched, I dont want to spoil anyones life, cummon.., so temporarily i dropped the idea to use autorickshaw as my public transport, but then again it will be a big trouble coz thats the most easy transportation that i can get there at that time, but when my eyes met her eyes i finally decided, Forget Autorickshaw, bloody i will take bus, if not bus i will take lift from someone, in worst case scenario if needed i will walk bloody 10 kilometer, but i will not take Autorickshaw. Before i could react, the lady in red started walking towards me with TEAR in her eyes, she came near me and then SHE walk past me on the other side of the road.

WAKE UP BIZIT.what you expected her to KISS you? #:-S
In the middle of the chaos i overlooked the GUY behind her. Who was obviously not her Brother. Still i was not in a mood to draw conclusion so early, there are still possibilty right? He may be or may  NOT be her brother:D ..humm,the GUY walked till a nearby shop and got himslef a "GOLD FLAKE Lights", he lighted the ciggarete , i was standing beside him, suddenly his Mobile rang.."tu mile , dil khile , aur jeene ko kiya" --Hello---wats wrong with you?---i dont care--you started it---The Helmet was with me only honey, why you behaving like this? i was going to wear it...get lost---just fuckoff-- Mobile disconnected.:-S
Everyone on the street was looking at him.It was Loud and clear.Guy behind me forgot his "PAAN", Autowala forgot how to start his auto.Everyone was looking at him. Few drops of tear in his eyes and with  my feet frozen on ground.

Then i saw the lady in red walking towards me, desparately, she is coming closer, near me, more near, and when she reached in front of me i saw tear in her eyes too...then again she walk past me,holding him tight she kissed him in his LIPS.=(((certainly not her brother).Imagine this happened on INDIAn Street.

8:49 PM , Sunday :- I was Still waiting there for Autorickshaw. Coz everyone was watching their drama including the Auto drivers. 

Finally a voice "Nautanki gharpe accha lagta hai road pe nahi" 

ॐ My ReLiGioN

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I am not an ATHEIST, Please excuse ME.I don't even look like him.
Easiest way to become Atheist is : "Don,t Believe in GOD".
Hell: when did i say i never believe in GOD? Have i told any one of you that i don't believe in God? But yea the way i believe might differ from yours? I might not be reciting holy chants, i might not be smearing color or sandalwood paste in my forehead.I might not be moving around the temple 'round and round'. Unlike you I may not often visit 'temple/Mosque/Church' or holy places for offering prayer, but that doesn't prove i am Atheist. I cant even picture myself like him in my nightmare. Hell ya for all those who are atheist , forgive me, i was just kidding i know you people also don't look like that weird fella in left. where i got him? don't worry I Googled it.I like to be Spiritual then to be Religious. That must not let you derive the meaning of me being an Atheist. Now few of my friends might be thinking what the hell is wrong with me? All of a sudden from no where why am I writing such thing. Well the reason is that, recently i have developed an Image of being Atheist and there are quite a few people who asked me whether i am Atheist or not, but few days back it was the final blow as when 1 of my friend who directly told me to be ATHEIST :-BFor last few weeks, its that strange feeling that I am having within me. This needs to go, till now I am not sure why that feeling is creeping up in me? May be, my way of worship stopped for few weeks which is making me a bit  uneasy. Well today is time to take a break & rethink again..........
Now regarding this worship thing, people have different way of worshiping, few abstain themselves from some or whole food or drink to offer prayer, few go to temple to deliver their worship, well no need to go in detail as it's a never ending ways and processes. One day I went to a temple,few people were worshiping and praying, suddenly I heard one person saying to other "Thats not the right way to pray, you have to circle the building 3 times"O:) then i heard the other saying "No, in our place we do it this way". Then the debate started "Correct way" {FOR and AGAINST} but it was different kind of debate, rather i would say its an "multi-topic" debate just like "multi-tasking OS" where the same person is speaking both in "FOR" for one topic and simultaneously "AGAINST" for the other topic,and the topic was "Topic 1. My way is correct, Topic 2. Your way is wrong." Guess, what i was DOING? What else I can do? I was enjoying the Show:D and I was thinking?*-:)Debating Performance can be enhanced by providing both the lady with few peg of VODKA ,GENE or RUM.{OH LORD forgive me for my Imagination}. In the middle of the debate I heard two sentence which amazed me. One of them told that "God exist everywhere, he is watching on us from all direction, left, right, up , down , north, south , east, west..please also consider if she missed any direction:P.." , as the debate progressed further the same lady dictate one of the laws of worship," People should never show there backside to god while leaving the temple"...:-/..I am little DUMB Please explain me, if god is everywhere, up down, left right south north west east then ??? How to manage to hide our back from him?:-w


But Worship/prayer/ the way you have to find from inside. If you work hard with passion, your work become worship, your religion, if you study hard your study become a offering. Now Christian have their way to worship, Muslims have their way to worship, ...I have my way to worship. The way all of them are correct about their way of worshiping, similarly I am also correct in my way of worshiping. The way God control us, the same way God is controlling my worship, I need not to follow any priest or Monk or so called great Swamis(MMS) or religion. 

I have my own way of doing things.Thats MY Religion, ~~~Whats your Religion?

ॐ Neglect of the masses

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Year 1890:- During his travel all over India, Swami Vivekananda was deeply moved to see the appalling poverty and backwardness of the masses.  He was the first religious leader in India to understand and openly declare that the real cause of India’s downfall was the neglect of the masses.  The immediate need was to provide food and other bare necessities of life to the hungry millions.  For this they should be taught improved methods of agriculture, village industries, etc.  It was in this context that Vivekananda grasped the crux of the problem of poverty in India (which had escaped the attention of social reformers of his days): owing to centuries of oppression, the downtrodden masses had lost faith in their capacity to improve their lot.  It was first of all necessary to infuse into their minds faith in themselves.  For this they needed a life-giving, inspiring message. He saw that, in spite of poverty, the masses clung to religion, but they had never been taught the life-giving, ennobling principles of Vedanta and how to apply them in practical life.
Thus the masses needed two kinds of knowledge:  secular knowledge to improve their economic condition, and spiritual knowledge to infuse in them faith in themselves and strengthen their moral sense.  The next question was, how to spread these two kinds of knowledge among the masses?  Through education – this was the answer that Swamiji found.

Year 2010 :-
1. Nagaland do not want to be with India
2. The Seven sisters wants to be independent.
3. Chattishgarh wants to be by itself and Telangan want to be separated.
4. 200 -300 million Untouchables have little or no rights
5. 50, million women ostracized from society and incarcerated in temples
6. A Subcontinent fractured by hundreds of languages, cultures, religions, millions of regional Gods, hundreds of ethnicities, and Sub religions was represented by more than 570 individual and independent states.
7. Poor infrastructure, resources, policies and strategies in overall INDIA
8. Lack of skills and direction, self-serving gimmicks and dwindling integrity in the civil administration ended up in handing over the control of 40 percent area to the Maoists and terrorists and ten percent on the borders to the insurgents.
9.The Indian police and civil administration just do not have what it takes to disarm those who wield weapons against the State.
10.The fact that the Americans are fighting India’s war too. If they withdraw from the Af-Pak area, the entire jihad factory will descend mercilessly upon India
11. 50% of the population of Delhi, Benaras, Kolkota, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad who sleep on the sidewalk (paying rent to the city) is a Herculean task. It seems the 3rd generation that sleeps on the sidewalks, was born on it, lives on it and will die on it is up in arms.
12. whenever due to a natural calamity, some country there is affected – India takes years to send food grains/relief materials (due to bureaucratic delays) whereas assistance from China reaches them in days. It helps in creating public opinion. FEEDBACK:-‘This is why India has no friend in the world because India is always so selfish. If India become a superpower, it will be the most selfish country too.’

Very sad, painful to accept the feedback and the kind of rapport that we have with external countires.

India doesn’t have much friends to count on in the world or even within South Asia or even within INDIA. It seems theres problem lying in the grass root level.Today when i started browsing i was searching for INDIA'S education system,randomly sailing for information with the belief that our education system is good i discovered after 63 year of independence almost 30% of todays Indian's adults cannot even both read and write a short simple statement related to their daily life.Myb-(Impression was wrong,and infact the Indian school system is inefficient and biased against the poor.8-|
Education is the most important factor in economic growth. It has more impact on economic growth than natural resources, foreign investment, exports, imports. 
Sl. No India / States / Union Persons Males Females 
1 Kerala 90.92  94.20  87.86 
2 Mizoram 88.49  90.69   86.13 
3 Lakshadweep 87.52  93.15   81.56 
4 Goa 82.32  88.88  75.51 
5 Delhi 81.82  87.37 75.00 
6 Chandigarh 81.76  85.65  76.65 
7 Pondicherry 81.49  88.89  74.13 
8 Andaman & Nicobar  81.18  86 75.29
9 Daman & Diu 81.09 88.40 70.37 
10 Maharashtra 77.27 86.27 67.51 
11 Himachal Pradesh 77.13  86.02 68.08 
12 Tripura 73.66 81.47 65.41 
13 Tamil Nadu 73.47 82.33 64.55 
14 Uttaranchal 72.28 84.01 60.26 
15 Gujarat 69.97 80.558.60 
16 Punjab 69.95 75.63 63.55 
17 Sikkim 69.68 76.73 61.46 
18 West Bengal 69.22 77.58 60.22 
19 Manipur 68.87 77.87 59.70 
20 Haryana 68.59 79.25 56.31 
21 Nagaland 67.11 71.77 61.92 
22 Karnataka 67.04 76.29 57.45 
23 Chhatisgarh 65.18 77.86 52.40 
24 Assam 64.28 71.93 56.03 
25 Madhya Pradesh 64.11 76.80 50.28 
26 Orissa  63.61 75.95 50.28 
27 Meghalaya 63.31 66.14 60.41 
28 Andhra Pradesh 61.11 70.85 51.17 
29 Rajasthan 61.03 76.46 44.34 
30 Dadra & Nagar Haveli 60.03 73.32 42.99 
31 Uttar Pradesh  57.36 70.23 42.98 
32 Arunachal Pradesh 54.74 64.07 44.24 
33 Jammu and Kashmir 54.46 65.75 41.82 
34 Jharkhand 54.13 67.94 39.38 
35 Bihar 47.53 60.32 33.57 

Almost 70.05 % of literacy...

It seems in 1890 social reformers failed to understand the real cause of India’s downfall, in year 2010 is also no different, it seems we and our politician also failed to understand the real cause of INDIA'S misery.
Neglect of the masses
Our national goal should be to emerge as the single most dominant power in Asia by 2030. But its just a dream. But this is the ONE COMMON DREAM all INDIAN should DREAM...If you talk of being a dreamer then dream..dream to be the next big thing..and dreaming is not enough ,convert it to reality.

ॐ Down to INDIA

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March Beauty :-
                                               (All Shots Exclusively Taken from different place);;)

Thanks to My MOTOROKR E6 and To our Mother EARTH
(No Criticism Allowed, and also i am not a photographer):-$

ॐ Goddess Sarasvati & Indonesian fisherman

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Seems everything is REAL. Hindu religion and Hinduism, though I would rather like to be a spiritual person than a religious person, however knowing religion is not bad idea, may be in near future religionism might be considered as terrorist activity due to all the bloodshed happening for this. Anyway as I tried to understand HINDU religion I realized  that HINDUism cannot be distinguished or termed as particular belief or system. It's rather a way of living life. Unlike other religion it's a way of LIFE.As we understand that RIG veda was created well before 6500 BC. It's a diverse belief of system. Basic scripture of which is called as SHASTRAS is basically a collection of spiritual laws.Best part of it is to receive this enlightened knowledge, it does not need any religious affiliation. There are many tales/myth in Hinduism.Reading few of them might give us the impression that these are all stories and also sometime give us the impression that it might be true. I have read quite few of them out of which interesting one is "The curse of Goddess Sarasvati" and one real story of  an Indonesian fisherman 

The curse of Sarasvati:- SarasvatiGanga and Laksmi were all, in the beginning, wives of MahaVishnu. The Lord loved all the three equally. One day all the four were sitting together when Ganga sent lustful glances at Vishnu which was immediately noticed by both Sarasvati and LaksmiSarasvaii got angry and rising up caught hold of the hair of Ganga and dragged her to the ground. Laksmi then caught hold of Sarasvati to prevent farther assault but Sarasvati then poured all her rage on Laksmi and cursed her to be born as a plant on earth. Gangadevi could not bear this and she cursed Sarasvati to be born as a river on earth. 
Sarasvati retorted with a curse that Ganga also would be born as a river. When the whole tumult was over Vishnu called Laksmi to his side and said, "Oh Devi, do not worry. Things have happened as predestined. You go and be born as the daughter of Dharma-dhvaja and grow up there. From there by divine grace you will be transformed into a plant sacred enough to make all the three worlds pure. That plant will be named Tulasi[ the Basil plant (Ocimum sanctum) is commonly called Tulasi (pronounced tulsi)].  

Now here is the Real story of Indonesian FISHERMAN:- He is "half man half tree" A.32-year-old Dede, who lives in a remote village in Indonesia with his two children, feared that he would be killed by the tree-like growths that cover his body.Known locally as 'Tree Man' his condition has baffled local doctors for 20 years.He has root like structures growing out of his body - branches that can grow up to 5cm a year and which protrude from his hands and feet, and welts covering his whole body. In an attempt to earn a living to support his family, he is part of a circus troupe, displaying his Tree Man limbs along with others afflicted with skin deformities in 'freak' shows.
The former fisherman was the subject of a documentary "Half Man Half Tree", part of the "My Shocking Story" series on Discovery Channel TV.Dede's story began when wart-like "roots" started growing out of his arms and feet after he cut his knee in a teenage accident. The medical world was completely baffled.The welts spread rapidly across his body and soon he was not able to carry out ordinary household tasks.Dede was sacked from his job and deserted by his wife. He has been raising two children, now in their late teens, in poverty.

Gaspari says his condition is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This is a fairly common infection that usually causes small warts to develop on sufferers. Dede's problem is that he has a rare genetic fault that impedes his immune system. This means his body is unable to contain the warts.According to Dr. Gaspari, the virus was able to "hijack the cellular machinery of his skin cells", instructing them to produce huge amounts of the substance that caused the tree-like growths known as "cutaneous horns" on both his hands and feet.The doctor became involved in the case through the Discovery Channel documentary, and he is convinced that Dede's condition can be largely cleared up by a daily doses of a synthetic form of Vitamin A, which has been demonstrated to stop the growth of warts in severe cases of HPV.

Dr. Gaspari said that Dede's warts should reduce in size to the point where he can use his hands. He said he had never seen anything like this in his entire career.
So it seems the tale of Sarasvati can be true , with few modification and virus , with perfect procedure we can achieve the transformation. Its more like genetic re-engineering. If we can develop the exact blueprint of the DNA and with the perfect combination and procedure we might be able to achieve the transformation. Probability are there that this technology was once with us but with the evolution of time we have lost them. As everything revolve in circle starting from creation, maintenance to destruction we are in the phase of destruction where we lost all the science and technology which once prevailed among us. May be it was lost for good, and human  population burst is the biggest proof. We also have the tale of RAVANA, from the epic "RAMAYANA" who has 10 head 8-X, though it might not literally means he was having 10 head on his shoulder, it might reflect the idea that he was having mental strength of 10 head or may be 10 people..which means he was 10 time more powerfull ^:)^. Well in Ramayana the concept of flying object was also included. Sometime Ravana used to choose to travel by air over ordinary land transportation, definitely this epic was written hell a lot before we discovered our flying things.........:)>-

ॐ Wanted

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This one has been captured outside the SBI ATM of Kothrud branch near MIT college, opposite to reliance fresh in Pune. 

"NO ALCOHAL"^:)^  but "YES ALCOHOL"  So if you booze dont worry give a ring, u might get the room for rent.
Just be DECENT