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It takes a third person, sometimes a complete stranger, to give a fresh perspective to life, things, ideas, to complete the incomplete", :x, Please share me your stories|--Quotes Today:-Whatever happened, it happened for good. Whatever is happening, is happening for good. Whatever that will happen, it will be for good. What have you lost for which you cry? What did you bring with you, which you have lost? What did you produce, which has destroyed? You did not bring anything when you were born. Whatever you have, you have received from Him. Whatever you will give, you will give to Him. You came empty handed and you will go the same way. Whatever is yours today was somebody else’s yesterday and will be somebody else’s tomorrow. Change is the law of the universe.--|

ॐ Creativity

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JUST KIDDING LOL(i used MS excel and MS paint)  What do you think?

Like the phrase "Making like fighting for dignity in Legal matter in an Indian court" which was updated in GTALK status of one of my fellow native brother. This phrase forced me to think whats wrong with our system. I know making ROTI is a painful job for the beginner but once u get addicted to it,It become quite easy just like fighting for dignity in INDIAN court? Thats hilarious...well..wait ..HOLD ON..may be i should not write this post right now and i would rather go for a break, refresh my mind, change my outlooks and then continue with my post. ..why i started this post? Headline was Creativity, and why i am writing something which probably has nothing to do with creativity? Actually i was suppose to write something in this post which absolutely went out of my mind after i saw his status on GTALK which suddenly changed. I am not a professional writer, i scribble whenever i feel, or when i want to document certain thoughts of my mind...and thats the reason i started this post but oh my unmindful mind which keep on wandering here and there creating trouble to concentrate on one job at a time. I have been fighting with my brain for quite a time to tame it but somewhere its rejecting from accepting the slavery of this world.It want to be free and think his own thought. Right now my brain is in need of some ~O)Cofee 4:02 PM (:</P>


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