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ॐ Twisted tale of Math Problems

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Today I enocountered this question, however the solution was also provided in that Site,..
1. Bridget, Laura and Reagan shared a sum of 
money. Bridgets share is 40% of the money. Reagans share was $4 more than Lauras. Laurras share was $16. How much money did they share all together?
Answer:- Bridget, Laura and Reagan shared a sum of money. Bridgets share is 40% of the money. Reagans share was $4 more than Lauras. Laurras share was $16. How much money did they share all together? 
Bridget shares 0.40 of the money.
Let m = money
So, Bridget = 0.40(m).
Reagan shares $4 MORE than Lauras who shares $16.
This tells me that Reagan's shares is $4 + $16 = $20.
Reagan's share + Lauras' share = $36.
What is 40 percent of 36?
Bridget has 0.40 times 36 = $14.40
Together = $14.40 + $16 + $20
Together = $50.40 
Well I am not sure, I don't think I am genius but somehow somewhere I am getting weird feeling the total Money shared by them suppose to be (36/(0.60))= $60  Not $50.40. What do you think fellas?

You can visit this site from where i picked up the question


1crosbycat said... @ July 2, 2010 at 5:24 PM

Ok, you got me to do the problem (got here from Katharine's OILF blog) even tho' I'm too old and don't have enuf coffee in me! I hate this kind of problem because in the new and exciting enVisionMATH - and yes mixing caps and lowercase is a clue to how bad it is - they have a LOT of this kind of prob for 3rd grade and since they do not do Algebra yet, they are told to do trial and error. Its crap. Here is how I got 60:

Laura = 16, Reagan = L + 4 = 20
Together they are 60% of total, since Bridget is 40% of T, so
.6T = 16+20 = 36
T = 36/.6 = 60

And in enVision, it always asks for a tricky answer, like not the total but What is Bridget's share? Well, tricky for 3rd grade.

Who are we?-- said... @ July 2, 2010 at 6:47 PM

Cheers Crosby...Thanks for 0.6T concept ...I also felt the same, but I was wondering the kind of Solution provided by them....when it clearly says " % of the money" the "Total MOney" ..

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