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It takes a third person, sometimes a complete stranger, to give a fresh perspective to life, things, ideas, to complete the incomplete", :x, Please share me your stories|--Quotes Today:-Whatever happened, it happened for good. Whatever is happening, is happening for good. Whatever that will happen, it will be for good. What have you lost for which you cry? What did you bring with you, which you have lost? What did you produce, which has destroyed? You did not bring anything when you were born. Whatever you have, you have received from Him. Whatever you will give, you will give to Him. You came empty handed and you will go the same way. Whatever is yours today was somebody else’s yesterday and will be somebody else’s tomorrow. Change is the law of the universe.--|

ॐ Confused Love

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Here again, I am back with one more story.>:D< Its about a girl who is my friend, she was in her final year of her graduation. One day I asked, "How are you"? She answered not fine, I feel like to die. I was worried, I was thinking what this frustration is all about? I politely asked her if I can be of any help. well I didn't mean in her suicide, I just wanted to share her pain or grief stricken story. Well the answer was "NO, ! I don't want you to murder me, I can die my own, I can help myself in that case"8-} I have no such intention, all I meant whether can I share your pain which is compelling you to commit suicide. She replied, yes you can do that, that will ease my pain a bit.
I asked, well, what is it? She replied its about him. I loved him since I was in class 6. I always loved him. Last week he was my room, we had a good time. Then he went back home. Now I am feeling so lonely, and he is enjoying with someone else. :-B OK, I understood, She probably broke up..yea, its tough , its very tough to have a breakup, I understand, usually it take many years to build one relation and take only few hour to break it. I told her, thats ok, theres nothing to worry about, there are better GUYS around, Mr. Perfect might be out there all you have to do is to open your eyes. 
Well, what you expect to happen next??? Whatever happened next  was Bizarre. She was furious, and I was confused. 
She rained on me, I don't want any other guy, I want him. I said, okay,  thats absolutely fine, in that case I think probably you two should patch up again. If he is not interested you gonna try. you have to try. I was trying to be motivational. 
Well, what you expect to happen next??? Whatever happened next was Bizarre. She was then shocked, she looked at me, "Excuse me, we never broke up, how could you say that? we should have patch up? cummon". OK , I was in little complicated situation now, is she trying to prove that boys are genetically cheater, you know many girls at same time. Well I am not like this , or is she trying to prove guys are bad. They what is she upto? When all sort of chemical reaction was happening in brain, I forced myself to break the silence, " Well , you said he is enjoying with someone else, are you sure in that case is he the right guy for you"? She looked at me. I escaped her eyes and looking in opposite direction told her, "you know, all guys are not same".
Well, what you expect to happen next??? Whatever happened next was Bizarre. "Excuse me, Hello Mr. whats going on your mind, he is not bad guy or cheater, and regarding breakup, actually we never started. I Love him since class 6 but I never told him that I love him. I said, well thats not good , if you love someone you should express your love, then the relation works or not thats secondary, but later one should not repent that nothing happened coz we fail to express it. I think you should call him up and tell him that you love him. 
Well, what you expect to happen next??? Whatever happened next was Bizarre. "Yes I am trying that. You know what? I cant propose him as my friend loves him, and I don't want to betray my friend. She loves him very much.Because of her I didn't express my love for him for this many years."  Now I became little confident, I thought I was getting grip of her pain. So I decided to help her out, I said If your friend love her then I think you have taken the right decision by not expressing your love to him, If both of them love each other then they should be left alone, and for you 
Miss there are...for sure many other better soul then him. 
Well, what you expect to happen next??? Whatever happened next was Bizarre. "No she already got a boyfriend whom she loves very much, but she love my guy also, she secretly love him, but I am sure he don't like her, but for her I sacrificed".

L-) Excuse me! ??????????????????????what was that? Wheres the complication? and and and you said he was enjoying with someone else, may I know who was that someone else, I thought that "someone else" was the source of the pain or problem.

"Why are you bothering me about him? Why are you interested in my love story,you should understand but I know you will not understand , GET LOST" 

:-/ Miss, I was not interested in your love story , all I wanted the pa?n...but now I am unsure, what was that all about, and now for my effort all I got is "GET LOST" :(

X("Shut up, All I wanted you to know that...anyway..never only know who is that someone else...bye..I have to go and you also... GET LOST." 

:x what am I suppose to Know yaaar? Somewhere I feel that "someone else" was not important, it was something else. Does anybody have any clue? 


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