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It takes a third person, sometimes a complete stranger, to give a fresh perspective to life, things, ideas, to complete the incomplete", :x, Please share me your stories|--Quotes Today:-Whatever happened, it happened for good. Whatever is happening, is happening for good. Whatever that will happen, it will be for good. What have you lost for which you cry? What did you bring with you, which you have lost? What did you produce, which has destroyed? You did not bring anything when you were born. Whatever you have, you have received from Him. Whatever you will give, you will give to Him. You came empty handed and you will go the same way. Whatever is yours today was somebody else’s yesterday and will be somebody else’s tomorrow. Change is the law of the universe.--|

ॐ Don't Understand Why?

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I don't understand why my life is so interspersed,
-While everything appears to be manifest.
Day after day I envisage to be cursed,
-While nothing seems to be relevant.

A sudden feeling of exaltation,
-Sometime the feeling of dread.
Everything mixed with so much confusion
-Seems life has been shred.

I don't understand why so much of thinking,
-When life has to veer,
All these are portent that are striking,
-Why then an eon of Fear...!
                                          Donated by:- Sumita


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