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ॐ Orkut or Facebook

Published by The Name is Bizit | under on 10:41 PM

Since last year my friends are insisting to join Facebook. Officially long long ago I joined Orkut . I thought of joining facebook but I was not getting any reason to join it. It seems now facebook is more popular in India then orkut, so what shall I do? Shall I join or Shall I not? 
I can join, no worry as its free social networking site, but still I was thinking why to join. Shall I take anything that comes to me for free? Obviously not. 
I thought to check out the facebook once, so I used my friends facebook for sometime, well as you know first impression is the last impression. Facebook didn't attract me.I do feel there are many Apps in facebook, well I am not interested in it.Somewhere I felt GUI in orkut was far better the facebook along with its security,most importantly I created one google account which gave me access to all its services, orkut, blog, gmail, picasa...etc etc....well I found no reason to join facebook.

Everyone has there own choice, my friends told "cummon facebook and myspace is more prominent in market then orkut". Well may be,I am not interested to collect DOMINO S pizza free coupon which probably was distributed once on facebook, so spare me the torture.Facebook did used AJAX concept very well so do the NEW orkut. when I ask them why facebook? None of them has proper answer,except for one "facebook is more popular."

unsure why facebook so popular I thought to check out some user review on orkut vs facebook. I found few good reviews

1.) orkut is in just 1% of the world market, specially in india, while facebook n myspace are grabbing about 11.5 % of world market. But still Orkut is much more user friendly.. as far as security is concerned one can always hide them in orkut but if one want to complete hid oneself then its better to be out of social networking
2.) I love Orkut more coz i have more friends in Orkut.. Its easy to use.. as always Google makes GUI easier than anyone else.. Facebook was too crammed before .. but now most of the ppl are getting used to it. Orkut is not heard of , here in US, by many.. thats the main disadvantage of Orkut.. whereas Facebook is very popular and made much popular through news channels especially during this election period, facebook is cashing the opportunity... I wish Orkut makes its way in Media as well to gain its popularity... Well, for a die-hard Google fan.. So i go for Orkut..
3.)Facebook is better than orkut, as it has lot of applications than orkut and easy interactable
4)I have both account, on orkut and facebook but somehow i find orkut more interesting.
5) if u connected from orkut to facebook u can check the facebook is fetching ur friends lists from orkut only… not only facebook watever social network it may be.. its jus fetching data from ur gmail account note this.. how ever east or west orkut is the best… in many countries orkut is not allowed n its completely banned.. if they allow orkut in all countries.. no one can beat orkut…. tin tin ti tin

well now I am clear why facebook is more popular then ORKUT.Anyway My friends are all on orkut and if anyone is having pain to login on orkut then there are other ways to get in touch :)

Now you dont want to computerise your relationship also? I am sure you will not love to get married on computer. How will you like if your spouse is also connected to you via computer. So at night when you go to sleep you need to take the computer in place of your spouse imagining your spouse is connected with it.:))

Wake up SID'S before its too late.


The Name is Bizit | said... @ February 27, 2011 at 8:12 AM

ORKUT is Banned in several place like Dubai

darkside said... @ March 23, 2011 at 4:39 PM


The Name is Bizit | said... @ March 23, 2011 at 4:46 PM

humm, hey or yeh :(..bit confused with your comment Miss DARKSIDE..

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