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ॐ Dimensional Rift at Montauk Point

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It is rumored that with Phoenix III at Montauk, that government scientists were able to create a time tunnel of sorts and to make sure that the time tunnel worked, drunks and derelicts were collected and thrown into the time tunnel. They made sure the drunks and derelicts were sober for a week, before entering the tunnel, if they were to survive and come back, they were questioned by government officials. The story goes, many didn't make it back and they are still floating in the midst of time. The few that did make it back, their stories were retrieved and later they died by mysterious circumstances.

The government selected drunks and derelicts, because they would not be missed by friends or family members. Below this article you will find my comments on the 2nd Montauk Monster that they found. If for some reason DNA testing of this strange animal is analyzed and it is determined that it comes from an unknown species.

I will also look at the factors of this strange place called Montauk Point. A place where a dimensional rift may have been torn into our own space/time continuum that now allows creatures such as the Montauk Monster to enter our plane of existence. At Fort Hero, there is an abandoned air force base that was decommissioned in 1969. The base at some areas seems operational and finances to keep areas of this base operational come from unknown sources. Montauk Point is a scenic area with a beautiful lighthouse. But this scenic area may be hiding strange secrets that date back to 1943. In 1943 the USS Eldridge was experimented on. The government sought out radar undetectibility, but stumbled onto something else. Legend has it, that the USS Eldridge became invisible and was removed from our space/time continuum. It was also teleported 100 miles away to Norfolk, VA. The sailors on board were released to mental facilities, so any comments they would say to the public, would be perceived as unbelievable.

It was also reported that some of the sailors were infused into the hulk of the ship. You would see a man's torso seemingly glued to the hull of the ship. It was rumored a green mist enveloped the ship and it became invisible to many witnesses. Experiments in time travel and further experiments with the Philadelphia Experiment continued up to 1983, when somehow things went awry and a dimensional rift was torn into the fabric of space / time. It appears now, that we have the art of electro magnetic bottle technology placed into the edge of science accuracy as our own stealth fighters use this technology to be rendered as invisible to radar.

Other experiments were conducted at the Montauk Project, such as mind control. I think it would be essential to experiment with mind control with the subjects that were involved with this mysterious project. It is a necessity that everything is kept hush hush and the only way to do that is through total mind control. When you have a scientist like Nikola Tesla, along with many other scientists involved with experiments that are on the cutting edge of the paranormal, it is demanded by government officials to secure all scientific procedures with a shroud of secrecy. That shroud would enable government officials to control the minds of all involved with the Montauk Project, especially when the project may be dealing with Zero Time. Zero time is working outside of the realm of a three dimensional universe.

unbelievable...very interesting ....ISnt it?


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