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ॐ Neglect of the masses

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Year 1890:- During his travel all over India, Swami Vivekananda was deeply moved to see the appalling poverty and backwardness of the masses.  He was the first religious leader in India to understand and openly declare that the real cause of India’s downfall was the neglect of the masses.  The immediate need was to provide food and other bare necessities of life to the hungry millions.  For this they should be taught improved methods of agriculture, village industries, etc.  It was in this context that Vivekananda grasped the crux of the problem of poverty in India (which had escaped the attention of social reformers of his days): owing to centuries of oppression, the downtrodden masses had lost faith in their capacity to improve their lot.  It was first of all necessary to infuse into their minds faith in themselves.  For this they needed a life-giving, inspiring message. He saw that, in spite of poverty, the masses clung to religion, but they had never been taught the life-giving, ennobling principles of Vedanta and how to apply them in practical life.
Thus the masses needed two kinds of knowledge:  secular knowledge to improve their economic condition, and spiritual knowledge to infuse in them faith in themselves and strengthen their moral sense.  The next question was, how to spread these two kinds of knowledge among the masses?  Through education – this was the answer that Swamiji found.

Year 2010 :-
1. Nagaland do not want to be with India
2. The Seven sisters wants to be independent.
3. Chattishgarh wants to be by itself and Telangan want to be separated.
4. 200 -300 million Untouchables have little or no rights
5. 50, million women ostracized from society and incarcerated in temples
6. A Subcontinent fractured by hundreds of languages, cultures, religions, millions of regional Gods, hundreds of ethnicities, and Sub religions was represented by more than 570 individual and independent states.
7. Poor infrastructure, resources, policies and strategies in overall INDIA
8. Lack of skills and direction, self-serving gimmicks and dwindling integrity in the civil administration ended up in handing over the control of 40 percent area to the Maoists and terrorists and ten percent on the borders to the insurgents.
9.The Indian police and civil administration just do not have what it takes to disarm those who wield weapons against the State.
10.The fact that the Americans are fighting India’s war too. If they withdraw from the Af-Pak area, the entire jihad factory will descend mercilessly upon India
11. 50% of the population of Delhi, Benaras, Kolkota, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad who sleep on the sidewalk (paying rent to the city) is a Herculean task. It seems the 3rd generation that sleeps on the sidewalks, was born on it, lives on it and will die on it is up in arms.
12. whenever due to a natural calamity, some country there is affected – India takes years to send food grains/relief materials (due to bureaucratic delays) whereas assistance from China reaches them in days. It helps in creating public opinion. FEEDBACK:-‘This is why India has no friend in the world because India is always so selfish. If India become a superpower, it will be the most selfish country too.’

Very sad, painful to accept the feedback and the kind of rapport that we have with external countires.

India doesn’t have much friends to count on in the world or even within South Asia or even within INDIA. It seems theres problem lying in the grass root level.Today when i started browsing i was searching for INDIA'S education system,randomly sailing for information with the belief that our education system is good i discovered after 63 year of independence almost 30% of todays Indian's adults cannot even both read and write a short simple statement related to their daily life.Myb-(Impression was wrong,and infact the Indian school system is inefficient and biased against the poor.8-|
Education is the most important factor in economic growth. It has more impact on economic growth than natural resources, foreign investment, exports, imports. 
Sl. No India / States / Union Persons Males Females 
1 Kerala 90.92  94.20  87.86 
2 Mizoram 88.49  90.69   86.13 
3 Lakshadweep 87.52  93.15   81.56 
4 Goa 82.32  88.88  75.51 
5 Delhi 81.82  87.37 75.00 
6 Chandigarh 81.76  85.65  76.65 
7 Pondicherry 81.49  88.89  74.13 
8 Andaman & Nicobar  81.18  86 75.29
9 Daman & Diu 81.09 88.40 70.37 
10 Maharashtra 77.27 86.27 67.51 
11 Himachal Pradesh 77.13  86.02 68.08 
12 Tripura 73.66 81.47 65.41 
13 Tamil Nadu 73.47 82.33 64.55 
14 Uttaranchal 72.28 84.01 60.26 
15 Gujarat 69.97 80.558.60 
16 Punjab 69.95 75.63 63.55 
17 Sikkim 69.68 76.73 61.46 
18 West Bengal 69.22 77.58 60.22 
19 Manipur 68.87 77.87 59.70 
20 Haryana 68.59 79.25 56.31 
21 Nagaland 67.11 71.77 61.92 
22 Karnataka 67.04 76.29 57.45 
23 Chhatisgarh 65.18 77.86 52.40 
24 Assam 64.28 71.93 56.03 
25 Madhya Pradesh 64.11 76.80 50.28 
26 Orissa  63.61 75.95 50.28 
27 Meghalaya 63.31 66.14 60.41 
28 Andhra Pradesh 61.11 70.85 51.17 
29 Rajasthan 61.03 76.46 44.34 
30 Dadra & Nagar Haveli 60.03 73.32 42.99 
31 Uttar Pradesh  57.36 70.23 42.98 
32 Arunachal Pradesh 54.74 64.07 44.24 
33 Jammu and Kashmir 54.46 65.75 41.82 
34 Jharkhand 54.13 67.94 39.38 
35 Bihar 47.53 60.32 33.57 

Almost 70.05 % of literacy...

It seems in 1890 social reformers failed to understand the real cause of India’s downfall, in year 2010 is also no different, it seems we and our politician also failed to understand the real cause of INDIA'S misery.
Neglect of the masses
Our national goal should be to emerge as the single most dominant power in Asia by 2030. But its just a dream. But this is the ONE COMMON DREAM all INDIAN should DREAM...If you talk of being a dreamer then dream..dream to be the next big thing..and dreaming is not enough ,convert it to reality.


jagadishan said... @ March 25, 2010 at 8:35 AM

Knowledge is also important but equality is very much required. Do we think we have the equality among the massess in terms of caste or religion ?

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