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ॐ Ab & Pu--Being a Striker

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Heres My First story of Ab & Pu Series. Few month ago i read one of the POST regarding Being striker.
His points there was that when striking a conversation with unknown girl we need to  be prepared for the undue circumstance & avoid being JACK.
So being a good striker is very Important.
Having a intelligent opening lines is very important if you want to strike a conversation with a girl.('s a good piece of information he shared with us.
Here we go with the Ab & Pu version of a real story. Pu was getting ready for office, as usual car came for the pickup and he started for office, in the middle of the way he  came to know there's one more Employee being clubbed in the same car.As usual She was picked up on time and they started for office.Pu was wondering about this beutiful Ab sitting beside him,thinking how to strike the conversation...still Pu got 40 more minute on the way to office..10 minute passed, Pu was looking outside the windows trying to avoid her for no apparent reason, occasionally checking on her movement:Pand suddenly there eyes Met, Pu being nervous moved his eye away form her and gazed outside the window,Music was slow and break the killer silence Pu requested the car driver to increase the volume, driver increased the volume and Pu started tuning himself with into the music, still thinking back in his head how to strike a conversation..Its clearly felt that Ab on the other hand was getting little uneasy...though probably she also wanted to talk to Pu very much, but unsure about the Ab's feeling Pu decided to avoid her..Suddenly Ab got furious, and ask the driver to decrease the volume..Both driver and pu wa confused,why Ab was furious on hearing such a nice song. straight way Adrenaline rushed in Pu's head, all nerve started working :D , rather then fighting with her he looked at her and gave a beautifull Smile...Ab's was like...eek..and started gazing outside the window...25 minute got stuck in traffice which means there will be more 30 minute today to reach office...As Ab was gazing outside the window Pu was looking at her beautiful face and was smiling..he kept on smiling for next few minute, suddenly Ab noticed that and looked at him...finally It happened...Ab broke the silence, 
Ab:- "which tower you are working"...
Pu:- "I am from Tower 2, so you from ITo"
Ab:- " Yes, which project you are from?"
Pu:- " I am in Applications development,so will you be coming in same shift next week also?
Ab:- "Whats your shift timing? 
Pu:- "9 to 7..."
Ab:-"Hmm i am also thinking to come in this shift for next week."
Pu:- "you got beautiful eyes.."
Ab:- "Ohh Cummon, dont be silly...he he he..(She giggles).
Pu:- " Nice to see your smile, it made the day more bright"
Ab:-(breaks into laughter) pinches him)
Pu:-" Ouch--So what was that?
Ab:- "What was what? "
Pu:- "Why you fired the driver to decrease the volume?"
Ab:- "he he he ..nothing i was getting irritated..."
Pu:- "how you feeling now?..."
       ***Car reached office***
Ab:- I am feeling better,(She smiles) meet you on Monday...bye..(wave her hand walk towards her office building)
She gets down and he drives away with the car toward his office building...

Sometime well expressed silence can also be an intelligent opening lines for striking conversation with a unknown girl.


Sumita said... @ April 24, 2010 at 7:12 PM

HUmm HUmm HUmm....Well epressed silence

sandy said... @ April 24, 2010 at 7:15 PM

gud da way who is AB n PU...?

Who are we? said... @ April 24, 2010 at 7:17 PM

They are my BLOG avatar..Please read the earleir POST :)

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