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Here is a real Businessman, he should have been in business or may be in politics then in terrorist, not to mention we do drain lot of talent like him.  You must be wondering why I am in favor of him, why not, he has been an excellent resource for so called proven "PAKISTAN". He not only killed few hundred people in INDIA he also forced INDIAN govt to spend 35 crore after his arrest.
we INDIAN spend 35,00,00,000 rupees for a job where the job can be done for 350 rupees. I think he has been the costliest prisoner ever for whom INDIA spent 35,00,00,000 rupees just to convict him.  Probably this are the amount paid by INDIAN citizen as TAX, because I am sure PAKISTAN have not paid the amount to INDIA for KASAB's fair trial. 

I wonder how would you have utilized 35,00,00,000 rupees if given to you.
How the poor farmers & villagers would have utilized a fraction of the amount if given to them.


Nabeel Noorullah said... @ May 6, 2010 at 3:40 PM

He should be taken to Gateway of INDIA & asked to be stone Pelted BY ppl . And later those stones should be SEND across to the border so build memorial.. JAI HIND

Who are we? said... @ May 9, 2010 at 10:59 PM

i am not sure why 35 crore was spent on him....Whose keeping track of the ROI????return on investment?

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